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Company Info
Debmarine Namibia
 10 Dr Frans Indongo Street, 6th Floor Namdeb Centre
Windhoek, KH, Namibia

   +264 61 297 8641

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Type of Notification:

New Position

Employment Type:

Full time

Employment Status:


Physical Address:

Oranjemund, Namibia



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Hilde Kambala

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Opportunity| Duty Description:

The Trainee will participate in an accredited programme of intensive training that is designed to reduce the period of qualifying service for certification. The training is guided by an accredited Training Record Book to ensure that the Trainee follows a structured programme to obtain the Able Seafarer Engine Certificate of Competency. During periods ashore, the Trainee will complete statutory ancillary safety training and for the duration of the sea-going training he/she may be required to work more than the normal voyage of 28 days.

JOB DEVELOPMENT AREAS: Carrying out rounds of machinery spaces at sea and in port, to detect fire, flooding and unauthorised personnel. Using hand tools to assist with the ship’s repairs and maintenance. Operating lifting gear in engineroom during repairs. Assisting in the rigging of heavy machinery. Keeping the engineroom clean by washing down bulkheads, bilges and tank tops. Carry out continuous housekeeping process. Operating equipment in emergency situations. Checks operating parameters of engine room machinery e.g. temperatures, ressures, oil levels while on watch and reports abnormality to Watch keeping engineer. Assisting the watch keeping engineer in his duties during a watch by performing tasks as instructed. Assisting in the transfer of Fuel and Lub Oil as directed by the Engineman or 2nd Engineer.

Opportunity Requirements:

JOB REQUIREMENT: Grade 12 with at least an E-symbol in Mathematics, Physical Science and English. Applicants who are in possession of a Class 6 Engine Officer Certificate of Competency (NAMFI) are encouraged to apply. The successful candidate should have good communication and interpersonal skills, and should be able to work in a team.

Added Advantages | Special Requirements:

Applicants must be Namibian Citizens and preference will be given to designated persons as prescribed by the Namibian Affirmative Action Act. 

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